Are there sustainable materials that can replace concrete?

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There is no denying that concrete is an essential element in erecting buildings. However, it is not the most sustainable of materials. Producing it releases a lot of greenhouse gases. Thankfully, substances that are greener do exist. Using them can help the environment and improve your project. Below we will take a look at a few of these alternatives.

Straw bales

straw balesFirstly we have straw bales. This medium is a nod to times when people built differently. Here the preference was for natural substances from the local area. People made use of what they had nearby because it was difficult and costly to transport materials from elsewhere.

It is possible to use bales to replace gypsum, plaster, concrete, and other materials in walls. If you seal them correctly, they have an impressive insulating ability. Being renewable, straw is low cost and sustainable.


This is a material that is a more recent addition to the collection. It uses all sorts of recycled mediums like steel dust instead of consuming more resources. The material resembles concrete but has some big differences. The main one is that it is actually stronger. Moreover, it is able to absorb and seal away carbon dioxide. It does so as part of the drying and hardening process. As a result it is carbon neutral and very green.


Finally, we will discuss timbercrete. This is an interesting substance that is a mix of sawdust and concrete. It is lighter and suitable for lots of uses. As for the sawdust element, it recycles waste mediums.

Choose the right materials for commercial architecture

At Coffey Architects, we pay attention to everything our clients want from their projects. This includes the materials they wish to use. It is not unheard of here to work with people who favour sustainable goods. We have experience with lots of these materials and can advise clients on when and how to use them.

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