Architectural trends to look out for in 2018

2018 has seen many changes and developments in the architectural industry. Here at Coffey Architects, we have first hand experience of them. We tailor all the buildings we work on to your needs and requirements. Our team prides themselves on making creative, beautiful buildings; this is our passion after-all. Whether your project is big or small, bold or minimal we can help. With over 10 years of experience, we have developed an outstanding reputation for our work in commercial architecture.

Below, we have outlined the architectural trends of the year so far.


There are many design features trending this year. While open floor planning has been a trend in the last few years, it is still popular. The functional layout can encourage workers to be more productive and collaborate more.

Another trend that is rising is broken floor planning. This is where designers use different finishes and changes in level to split up rooms. You can create distinct areas using objects like bookcases, to allow more privacy.

Colours are also changing. More people opt for bright colours in their company’s building, compared to using one colour like white on all the walls. This encourages creativity.


With all the advancements in technology, many people integrate it into their buildings. This doesn’t have to be a huge feature; it can be as simple as built in charging stations. This can give your space a more modern feel. Many architects believe that we will reach an age where it is not something to add to the building, but a part of the design process.


Many companies are doing their part to be more environmentally friendly. There are many different routes you can take when designing your building to achieve this. Plant covered walls give your project an eco-friendly look. Many people are opting for large windows to utilise natural light, while using solar panels in the dark.

Scientists are working on self-healing concrete too. The material contains organic compounds and bacteria that can repair itself. While this is a few years away, it shows what is in store for the future.

Using timber as a building material also has benefits. It is a strong and durable material, with a smaller carbon footprint. Also, it’s sustainable and reduces the build time compared to other materials.

Any work we complete will always keep your budget in mind while giving you something innovative and beautiful. We enjoy creating eco-friendly designs that will last through the ages. Coffey Architects has won various awards since our founding in 2005, including priase for our commercial architecture. Our experience means we understand that everyone has different tastes and needs.

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