The link between architecture and branding

Commercial architectureOne of the most interesting things about commercial architecture is how people choose to integrate their brand into designs. There are many ways to do this and it can provide a lot of benefits. For example it can make it so the actual premises bring the brand to life. This can extend it out into the marketplace and influence any customer that visits. Certain design elements can also make it easier to share their ideals and philosophy.

Green thinking

A trend that is very popular with businesses is to show their eco-friendly credentials. There are many ways to do this, from using lots of timber to choosing low energy lights. In addition some people even choose colours that make people think about nature. This includes different shades of green and blues.


Lots of brands also want to show how efficient they are. There are a lot of ways to do this, including creating flexible spaces with a great flow. Businesses in the food and service industries can also show off their efficiency with how they lay out counters so people can queue or get service.


Transparency is also very important to many businesses. One way to show that they are like this is to have open plan spaces. For example they may choose to get rid of obstacles like dividing walls and columns. This can also help to make rooms feel much brighter because there will be fewer things to block the light.

The physical structure

There are many ways to introduce the brand into the physical structure of a building. For example you could take a logo and use it to create bespoke shelving, counters, or tables. There can also be things like living walls and bespoke light fittings.

Give and go

One of the most important things to keep in mind is there will be a give and go with this kind of design. The brand will influence the commercial architecture and vice versa. It is wise to have it so that both can grow together.

Work with a talented team

Coffey Architects is currently working on several exciting projects. This includes large new offices and modern homes. We are always excited to look at the unique elements of each job and see how we can make the experience a wonderful one for our clients.

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