The invariable right and the sweet spot

The secret to completing commercial architecture projects, or any project for that matter, is flexibility. Everyone has their own goals. It takes a team that can adapt to any situation to be victorious. Luckily, we happen to employ architects with these sorts of qualities.

For shops, the layout is important. The more services and products customers see, the more likely they are to purchase. You’re not doing it right if you have a shop where you can walk straight to the counter from the entrance. Additionally, you shall end up frustrating everyone if you make items difficult to find. What you need here is something in-between that works. To help, we’ve come up with some helpful advice on creating the ideal shop layout.

Which way do customers go?

Customers that enter shops have a habit of turning right. The research that revealed this fact coined the term invariable right from it. What it means is that the shop’s right side will attract the most attention. Something else that research found was that these aisles have higher foot flows. Therefore, you must pay special attention when designing this side of your property.

That all-important sweet spot

Another customer behaviour is that they give the front third of the shop a huge amount of attention. This won’t be as significant if yours is a small shop. However, the invariable right still will be. Put this sweet spot and the invariable right together. Soon enough, you’ll realise that the front requires serious attention. This is where you should position your messages and offers. The spot will aid you in improving your stock returns.

At Coffey Architects, we’re always on hand to provide advice to clients about layouts and other features for commercial architecture. We will aim to follow your original plans as much as possible. However, if we feel that something else would work better, we shall inform you. As a result you can adapt the design to get the best layout.

If there’s anything you’d like to discuss with us, please contact our firm. You can also view some projects on our website.