Looking forward into 2020

Constructing something new takes time, resources, and skill. The last one is not a quality that everyone has. However, the people here have it in abundance. Our team members have been specialising in commercial architecture and other areas for years. As a result they know what to do and how to do it.

As we look forward into 2020, we will notice several changes in contemporary architecture. Designers and engineers have had to re-evaluate how they build in the modern world. This is mainly thanks to climate change. We want to aid you in understanding the changes. To do so, we are going to examine those trends we expect to take over this year.


Commercial architectureThis is the first trend we will cover. It promotes the use of wood, aluminium, and iron, materials that are common hallmarks of industrial properties. Using these resources instead of more expensive ones can lower construction costs. Recycled plastic finds its way into this list too. All of these materials have something vital in common; they have a much better carbon footprint and there is less waste because you can recycle them.


This is where you use modern and avant-grade materials. It guarantees acoustic and thermal details that assist in minimising the costs. It also helps the environment. The style is distinguished by simple lines, a lack of surface elements, and asymmetrical forms. As a result it is very popular and looks clean.

Rehabilitation and reformation

Our next trend is that more people will be looking to rehabilitate and reform spaces and buildings. Doing this with old structures will provide them with new life. This prolongs their value to the community. Retrofitting or reforming older buildings is also more economical than knocking them down and rebuilding them. This is better in terms of cost and the waste the project will generate.

These projects also provide a huge benefit in that they can preserve the historical worth of properties. This can add real value to a town or city and celebrate its heritage.

Commercial architecture in 2020

commercial architectureDesign and architecture are adapting, and it is hopefully all for the better. As we move into 2020, the trends above may become game changers and therefore become very popular. We can say the same for many others out there too.

At Coffey Architects, we always stay up to date with the latest architectural trends and cutting edge ideas in our field. This allows us to incorporate them into our own work. The result is a client who is happy with our efforts and a building that will provide real value.

We can discuss everything with you, from the design to tendering as well as managing the build. We even have experience with planning permission and how to secure it. So, if you need assistance with commercial architecture, please contact us.