Key aspects to remember with commercial architecture

Coffey Architects is a team known for creating amazing spaces through innovative commercial architecture. In order to achieve great results from your project, there are various things to remember. This allows for a modern and flexible space suitable for today’s workforce. Whether it is a new build or a development for your existing property, you need to think about different elements with care.

As with all projects, you should ensure that you get the right approval and follow all necessary building regulations. In addition remember relevant legislation like the Health and Safety at Work Act. This helps you to avoid problems later down the line.

Think About Workers

Open layout areas are rather popular for working as they encourage collaboration. But, this isn’t always what works best. Workspaces should be varied depending on needs. By including some smaller and more private rooms, people can work in quiet.

You will want to ensure employees are comfortable and can take inspiration from their surroundings. Examples of how to do this include ensuring optimal lighting, air and water quality. You may also want to consider the colour scheme as it is inexpensive yet helpful. Lighter tones with accent elements work very well.

Remember Your Needs

It is possible to work within a budget and still create a modern space that everyone loves. One of the best ways to do this is to realise what you have to work with and rely on a professional for help with the design. This will leave something perfect for the end user as we uncover what you and your employees need most.

An Area To Escape To

Part of creating a space that works well for everyone is enhancing the corporate culture. This may be as simple as a communal room where people can go to relax. You can try an innovation hub, community garden or even a games room.

When you are looking for an expert to help you with your commercial architecture project, you can trust us. Coffey Architects have won numerous awards for our work and never fail to provide people with anything less than our best. To learn more from a member of our team, call us at 020 7549 2141.