How does the approach of maximalism work?

If you are looking for a team that fully commits to projects, we are happy to say you have found one. Specialising in commercial architecture, we have the skills to design various premises. This includes large retail spaces and office buildings as well as smaller scale properties. We will manage everything for you and ensure that the project meets your specifications.

Commercial architectureFor the last few years, people have been favouring minimalism with designs. However, recently more and more clients have been looking at the next big thing. This happens to be maximalism. The style is a reaction to its minimalist brother.

A maximal design has the elements that are basically the opposite of what you would find with minimalism. Quiet colour pallets, minimal decor, and a lack of patterns don’t go well with it. The decor here is busier, brighter, and bigger. Think about eclectic furniture and precious photographs. They will be in an array of styles, textures, and colours. Instead of simply one or two of these elements, maximalism employs all of them.

What it was and what it is now

Maximalism was initially a category of literature, visual art, and music. Today, it is now part of our interior design. One normal misinterpretation is that it inspires people to overstuff their rooms and hoard. It does welcome the idea of excess, however it does not do so in the ways you think. It promotes unique possessions, bold pallets, repetition, and more. It is a loud style that includes saturated colours, curated collections, and mixed patterns.

With a maximal design you are encouraged to use your room as boldly as possible. The ornate nature calls back to the UK’s stately home interiors. But, the contemporary accents and bold colours enhance and modernise the maximalist style.

Let us design your commercial architecture

At Coffey Architects, we like to work closely with clients to ensure that everything about the design is perfect. Our goal is to design buildings that are sustainable as well as a pleasure to spend time in. This focus has helped us to win several awards.

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