Commercial architecture informed by the world around us

If we think of an architect we probably do not immediately categorise them with other creative individuals such as artists and composers. In reality however, architects have to be creative visionaries as their work can have long life and lasting impact. When we doodle pictures of houses as young children we pay attention to every detail down to the curtains at the windows and the smoke that escapes from the chimney. Architects essentially create those houses and buildings that the rest of us see only in our mind’s eye.

Architects that are interested in approaching their field with a passion for innovation and helping people realise their ambitious ideas know how to design with an understanding and awareness of environment and surroundings. Residential and commercial architure projects need to fulfil their functional obligations whilst simultaneously making striking use of the space they inhabit. Consistent recognition, investigation and appreciation of other forms of architecture and perusal of the existing world is an integral part of an architect’s life, as an ability to be empathic with environments as well as their needs and the needs of the residents and people involved is crucial for any successful architect.

At Coffey Architects we pride ourselves on always taking the needs of people and the environment into account in order to create successful, sympathetic residential, public and commercial architecture that’s perfectly suited to the needs of the people who use it. By constantly paying attention to the people and world around us, and informed by a love of travel, photography, people and places, we have gained an innate understanding of how to create beautiful yet highly functional buildings for many different purposes.

Our years of practising and perfecting architectural design inevitably ensures incredible standards of quality yet the years can feel like mere moments when we truly do what we love. Experience and real talent combined with genuine motivation and a desire to push the envelope is the recipe for success that any ambitious and driven architect needs, and one that we’re constantly striving to improve on.