Can architecture influence workplace collaboration?

When creating a design for commercial architecture it is vital to take into account the culture of the company. This will allow the space to match the needs of all occupants and create a collaborative workspace.

Each business will have a unique organisational culture or a mix of them. A workplace design should consider this alongside performance. Taking cultures, values and behaviours into account can help a company meet its goals. Each culture is useful in its own way but requires an individual approach.

How Does This Work?

There are various ways to align space with culture. An example of this is with a creative environment. This should use fewer formal working spaces and more open ones. As a result people will not feel they work in isolation and can collaborate with ease.

This option is only suitable in certain cases though. When people are focusing on technical problems they may need more control as well as fewer distractions. You can achieve this through the use of separate work areas.

Another option is to mix up aspects. Open desks allow for a feeling of personal space but will not create a barrier against people in the area. As a result people can still communicate freely. Flexibility is great whilst mixing up the layout. You can even choose dynamic things such as moveable divides. This way spaces can change to suit several uses.

Our Work

We enjoy discussing your requirements with you in detail. This helps the end result to be a perfect match for your needs. We have driving passions behind our work such as people, light and culture. This means that the space will work for everyone who steps inside, will be bright and welcoming, and should also benefit the community.

This isn’t all about design because architecture must also consider other key factors. Things like energy efficiency, aesthetics and functionality are all vital. The design of a building can make and change the culture of a company too. Therefore it is really important to plan with care.

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