How do living walls work on commercial architecture?

Commercial architectureThere is a big push to make commercial architecture gentler on the environment. One way to do this is to choose living walls. These plants can grow on vertical external surfaces to really enhance the building. The green walls can also be within the property. This can make the air cleaner, help reduce noise pollution, and boost relaxation. As a result, the plants make the internal environment much nicer too. Continue reading

Getting the most from your office space with a thought out design

The identity of a company is visible through the design of their workspace. In fact, design has an impact on your workers as well as anyone else who interacts with your building. Get it right and you can improve employee wellbeing and the appearance of your brand. This is why the process deserves attention to ensure a brilliant end result. With our help as an experienced commercial architecture team, this is precisely what you can accomplish with your space. We can help identify various ways to better the aesthetics and functionality of your office space. Continue reading