How can 3D printing improve architecture?

The architecture field moves forward thanks to technological advancements. New equipment allows architects to be more creative with their designs. It can also reduce the amount of time that is necessary for modelling and feasibility studies. One of the most powerful devices an architect can use is a 3D printer; with one they can produce accurate models from a number of materials. Continue reading

Making commercial architecture blend in

For decades the trend in commercial architecture has been to create buildings that stand out. There are many incredible examples of this all around the world, including the Shard in London as well as the new Apple Campus in LA. Although these designs can be attractive, they can have a huge impact on an area. Consequently, architects are now starting to consider the wider settings in which their buildings are based. Continue reading

Using engineered timber to create iconic commercial architecture

The popularity of timber in construction continues to grow, both in the residential and commercial sectors. In fact, plans for the largest office complex built from the material were recently revealed. The plan is to create three stepped buildings in Newark, New Jersey that rise six, eight and eleven stories. In total this will create 500,000 square metres of space, making it the largest piece of timber commercial architecture in the USA. Continue reading