Does your office design enhance creativity?

Good office design can encourage creativity whilst also enhancing the culture of your business. Both of these can provide big benefits, most notably in terms of how motivated your employees will be and their performance levels. Coffey Architects, a team synonymous with creating welcoming commercial architecture, would like to go over some tips for getting the right design for your office. Continue reading

Designing washrooms for commercial architecture

Washrooms are among the most important facilities to be found within commercial architecture. They need to be designed so they are able to meet the needs of employees as well as visitors. If the design isn’t right or they are neglected, it can have a big impact on the health and attitudes of all inhabitants. It also reflects poorly on the business, potentially even indicating that it is badly run. Continue reading

How will the office look in ten years?

Human behaviour can change dramatically over time and is influenced by a number of factors, from technology to attitudes towards the environment. As a result offices can never really remain static, especially if they want to maximise the benefits they offer. This is very exciting for commercial architecture as a whole and makes it fun to envisage what the future will hold for workplaces. Continue reading