Why you should work with a RIBA Chartered Practice

There are a few differences between residential and commercial architecture, such as the use of the space. But, regardless of the size or complexity of the work, you need experts on your side to help you with it all. Coffey Architects is the perfect team to deal with.

Your project needs an architect

An architect is a skilful professional who will use their training and expertise to turn your vision into a reality. They will work alongside you for the design, planning, and construction. Their work is incredibly helpful, regardless of whether you are constructing a new building or adapting an existing one.

An architect will add value to your project and make sure you stand a chance to get an amazing return on your investment. They can do this through adding functionality to the site as well as maximising space and light.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

RIBA is a professional membership body. They have strict criteria for any architectural practices that want to become a Chartered Practice. They will only work with establishments with a commitment to excellent business performance. When you choose to work with a RIBA Chartered Practice, you can look forward to an excellent quality service that meets the highest of standards.

RIBA states that all practices need to:

• Have a great Quality Management system
• Employ a certain number of RIBA Chartered Architects
• Make sure effective Health and Safety and Environmental policies are in place
• Conduct themselves in accordance with a Code of Practice
• Have Professional Indemnity Insurance

Work with the best

Chartered architects work to deliver outstanding design as well as exceptional customer service. They stand out from the competition by showing people their commitment to the highest standards of work.

The insight of an architect can prove to be invaluable for your project. Their services can go well beyond creating drawings for the work. They can also assist with the paperwork, act as professional problem-solvers, and bring ideas. This is all while making sure the work keeps on track and within budget.

Reach out to us

Coffey is a RIBA Chartered Practice you can depend on for excellent standards of work. We have completed numerous jobs for both residential and commercial architecture. You can have total peace of mind when you work with us; we will help make sure everything goes smoothly. Reach out now, regardless of the size or specs for your project.