Take autistic people into account

Commercial architectureOur award winning establishment goes all in with every project. That is the only way for us to meet all of the requirements of our clients. Commercial architecture is an area we really love because these buildings need to be functional. Not only that, but they have to impress the people that walk in the doors. It is always a fun challenge to create a design that ticks both boxes.

Something that is key to creating a building is taking autistic individuals into account. The aim when you design for autism is to concentrate on producing multifunctional, enjoyable, and timeless spaces. They must resonate and have huge amounts of responsiveness and synaptic connectivity. If you are thinking about how to design your property here, the points below are ones you need to think about.

Auditory satisfaction

This is very important here. Acoustic treatments in design could influence how autistic people experience spaces. For example, they could be hypersensitive to sounds. There are ways to lower sound via the manipulation of sound pressure levels. You can also make choices in terms of the acoustic finishes and insulation for spaces. With these, you can create a better setting for visitors.


This makes a big difference to how people experience a space. What you need to think about is whether to go for natural light or tones from artificial lighting. They have an impact on cognitive behaviour and mood.

When you have to design internal spaces for autistic individuals, light is critical. Any variation of bright lights, or fluorescent lighting, can lead to distress in daily activities. Getting natural light via transparent facades and windows is a great idea. It is also a good choice to use small spaces of bright colour.

Spatial awareness

Order and organisation are really great if you are designing for people with autism. If you get it right and keep spaces nicely laid out it can help to inspire better focus. Ensuring rooms can easily reconfigure is great too.

The right materials

What you need to think about when you choose materials is how they feel, look, and how easy they are to clean. At the same time, you need to make sure they suit the function, size, and privacy needs. With autism, cleanliness and comfort are very important.

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