Overcoming the problem of noisy open plan offices

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Commercial architectureThe office is a complex setting because there are all sorts of moving parts present. It must accommodate many different requirements. Fortunately, there is always going to be a way to make the space a better place for your employees; it just takes the right design elements.

One of the most common problems in offices is a noisy open plan space. These layouts are loud by nature because of the lack of separation. The biggest concerns are the disruption it can cause and the negative influence it has on productivity. However, you don’t have to see open plan in a negative light. It can promote better communication and collaboration between teams. The layout can also produce an ambience in the office.

The solution

Open plan spaces have become foundation elements of the majority of contemporary office areas. Thus, the solution here comes from how you implement the spaces instead going for a different style entirely. You should fit your space with acoustic treatments. These will aid you in reducing noise transfer. Think about using noise-friendly flooring options, sound masking, and acoustic panelling.

Organising the space is also very useful. Take your time to properly map adjacencies and put specific teams together based on how they function. For teams that operate in collaborative manners, don’t put them next to a quieter team. Everyone will simply disrupt each other here. By planning the layout properly, you can minimise disruption and appoint separate areas to particular kinds of work.

It is also a good idea to think about spaces for breaks. The last thing you want is people to be having their break sitting at their desk and disrupting their colleagues. It may be better to have a separate area where they can go that is away from people who need quiet to do their job.

Design your office with the masters of commercial architecture

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