Innovative building materials for offices

One of the biggest challenges for commercial architecture is reducing energy use. There is a lot of pressure to do this to help the environment and showcase your green credentials. Luckily, there are now lots of green materials and technologies to use. Below are some of the ones you can try out specifically for offices.

Cool roofs

Commercial architectureThe roof is one of the most important parts of any structure. But, in a commercial property it can become a serious problem. The issue is that it is common to use materials like metal sheets here. However, they can absorb a lot of heat and make properties uncomfortable when it is very sunny. This can lead to over reliance on air conditioning and use a lot of energy.

A better option would be to create a cool roof. This is relatively new technology that reflects heat rather than absorbing it. It can make the property a stable temperature, even in the height of summer.

Solar shingles

Sticking with the topic of roofs, many commercial properties can make great use of solar panels to generate energy to use in the building. This is clean, green power. However, some people avoid using the panels for reasons such as aesthetics and maintenance. Luckily, there is an alternative with solar shingles. They can combine the look of traditional roof materials with the function of solar panels.

Modular partitions

We have all seen ideas of old offices with cubicles and lots of partition walls. However, this is not a great design for modern spaces. It can waste energy too, putting more pressure on artificial lights and HVAC systems for air flow. A better option would be to use newer modular partitions. Glass ones are a great choices because they can be mobile and also improve energy efficiency by not blocking light.

Recycled steel

The most popular building materials for commercial architecture are concrete and steel. However, you should be careful when choosing them. Where possible you should opt for products that use recycled steel because they preserve resources and can still offer the high strength and low cost.

SIPs and ICF blocks

We all know how important it is to have good insulation. However, that can be tricky on large commercial properties like office blocks. But, there are some really useful modern materials you can use. Structural insulated panels and insulated concrete forms are great options and can help you to create for more energy efficient buildings.

Designing innovative commercial architecture

Coffey Architects understands the responsibility we have when we design any kind of structure. We want each of them to be as green as possible. At the same time we want to ensure they provide as much value as they can. To do this we work closely with clients and pick everything with care, from materials to tech.

So, if you are thinking about commercial architecture and want a partner with no fear of innovation, choose us. We will do all we can to produce the best results for you, even if it involves exploring all kinds of new options.